Sabrina Bellaouel

French-Algerian singer and producer Sabrina Bellaouel operates in her own world. Fusing sensual vocals and delicate R’n’B, neo-soul and club sounds, her experimental approach to electronic music production speaks volumes on genuine talent and authenticity. 

First there was the EP ‘Cheikh’ in 2016 (produced by Myth Syzer, Loubenski and Rahman), then ‘Illusions’ in 2018, interspersed with collaborations within the Parisian scene, from The Hop to Jazzy Bazz, Lonely Band and Bonnie Banane.

With inspiration drawn from life between the Maghreb, Paris, London and beyond, her spell-binding sonics are informed as much by her formative musical influences including punk and gospel as they are by visits to far-flung corners of the world. Her personal pendulum swings often from spiritualism to harsh realism and back again. With ‘We Don’t Need To Be Enemies’ and ‘Libra’, her two EPs in 2020 both released on InFiné, Sabrina Bellaouel has etched herself into the musical conscious as a multitalented artist that runs her own show. 

Through her emotive, sincere lyrics, penned from lived experiences and deep daydreams Sabrina reflects on themes including love, astrology, sex, gender, society. With a heady blend of powerful lyrics and compelling grooves, Sabrina Bellaouel is a big one to watch for 2021 and beyond, truly ascending as she frees herself from stereotypes and musical borders.