Danton Eeprom

Danton was introduced to the world of computers when he was just a boy growing up in Marseille. When Mrs. Eeprom bought her son a Thomson MO6 computer at age 6, she probably didn’t realise she had changed the course of his life. After studying computers, Danton started to teach himself how to make music.

Danton is a tireless innovator, comfortable only when out of his comfort zone. As he explains, “To me it’s always been a generous, smiling world, blessed with an all-year tropical climate, a world where everyone is welcome to stay for however long they like. It’s not some fairy-tale silly place, it’s somewhere where emotion, beauty and freedom have free reign and fill your soul. Wherever you look there’s always a sunrise or a sunset to dance to.”

And so he does it all – both racing driver and mechanic, the champagne finish and oil up to the elbows. And always with an off-kilter sensitivity that finds its force in his childhood, something he cultivates in order to stay sharp.