Cesar Urbina has been working under the alias Cubenx since 2006. His music has been shifting since the first releases, taking form of techno, ambient and guitar based pop melodies. The wide range of sounds has led him to work as a mixer, producer and remixer with artists like Rone, Yasmine Hamdan, and Labelle. He has released three albums on Infiné, where he signed after a debut on Static Discos, from Tijuana.

His previous work “Fractal City”, an album that was the result of sound design collaborations with the visual artist Maotik, drew inspiration from structural decay, urban entropy, totalitarian structures and monuments. Throughout his career, he had remixes and collaborations with Telefon Tel Aviv, Robin Guthrie, of Cocteau Twins and Downliners Sekt, cementing a sonic palette of shoegaze-like synthesis, open spaces and pop sensibility. This, added to his taste for bass and drum sound design, creates a particular style, both for the club systems or headphone listening.

Recently Cubenx has released new music on various compilations : Velvet Desert Music Vol. 2 (Kompakt), Music Activist (InFiné), Continental Drift (Ideal Europa) or City Lab Vol. 1 (City Tracks). Last June Cubenx was also seen performing live alongside label mate Rone for his philharmonic concert L(oo)ping at Lyon’s Auditorium, accompanied by the 80 piece Orchestre National de Lyon.