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Secret of Elements

Johann Pätzold aka Secret of Elements is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer from Rostock in northern Germany. His music is a subtle reflection of sensitive melancholic fantasies and fragile moments of hope which provoke shivers, under the influence of the organ, and never break. Pätzold achieves in offering a focused, magical and powerful atmosphere, which is imbibed with the vital energy of its author. Tracks from his productions were chosen to dress-up Christian Dior’s classy fashion show, famous commercials like for Rolex or Kering, Netflix and HBO series and Computer games.

With InFiné, he released two EPs: ‘Monumentum’ (2017) and ‘Odesea’ (2018), both of which are heavily influenced by the migration crisis in Germany from 2015/2016. His first album “Chronos” for InFiné was released in April 2021 and featured a wide range of emotional, electronic and cinematic textures. ‘Rebuilding Notre-Dame’ and the images of the reconstruction of the cathedral provide an ideal playground for the composer to apply his melancholic ambient touches, orchestral instrumentation and dreamscape electronics to the image.

‘Rebuilding Notre-Dame’ is the story of a fascinating documentary about the reconstruction of the famous cathedral of Paris combined with the emotional touch and singular technicality of Secret of Elements : 12 tracks rearranged with Frieder Nagel at the borders of sacred music, emotional ambient layers and epic orchestral instrumentation that accompany the rebirth of one of the most grandiose cathedrals in European history. The 3 episodes of the documentary are broadcast on March 4, 2023 on the French-German channel ARTE, and on arte.tv.