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New “Cassini” reworks by Secret of Elements, Almeeva, Kabbel…

“Cassini is the turning point. The heralding of the end and the conclusion of the beginning” Johann Pätzold → Listen / pre-order 

“Cassini”, was the first single off of Secret of Elements’ critically acclaimed new album ‘Chronos’ and is arguably the center piece of the record, written by Johann Pätzold during the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn as his personal life turned upside down. „Cassini“ is the name of an Italian space probe – the man-made object that traveled closest to Saturn before burning up in its atmosphere. Pätzold’s writing mirrors the grandiose scale of its story: strings floating eerily in space, following the probes lonely journey, then leading into a fiery, almost self-destructive finale that dwarfs everything that came before it.

Pätzold himself delivers two new versions of the song, a rework and a beatless version, and is joined by a string of diverse and exciting guests. French InFiné family member Almeeva is the first to set out on his mission, turning Pätzold’s strings into glimmering pads that lay the foundation for a Detroit-ish, Drexcyian electro piece. Between shuffling drum machines and wide-open spaces, a rough yet melodic bassline unfurls and guides the listener on their way to Saturn.

Like its space travel inspiration, the Cassini EP crosses borders and unites musicians from different parts of the globe: Koyil from Russia delivers a psychedelic, organic groover of a remix that is firmly rooted in Krautrock. Sounding more like a full band jamming than a single remixer in his studio, he creates a warm, dubby trip hop beat around Cassini’s melodies and pads that shows how diverse interpretations of source material can be.

Sardinian SaffronKeira – usually at home on renowned German label Denovali – leans in fully into the sci-fi theme, using the original’s melody to create an electronic symphony that sounds positively digital and futuristic while never losing sight of the human core of the piece.

Kabbel ́s remix is cinematic, epic and vast. Distant choir voices join the ever-rising arpeggios and strings, leading the listener into the final moments of the space probe Cassini – before our minds eye, we can picture the grandiose finish to an epic journey.

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