Tour dates

29.07 – Saint Nazaire – Festival Les Escales
30.07 – ARGENTON SUR CREUSE – Festival Les Intemporel.les
19.08 – GUERET – Festival Check In Party
27.08 – LUZARCHES – Espace St Roch
02.09  – ANNECY – La Brise Glace
03.09 – BESANCON – La Citadelle
20.09 – ENGHIEN – Centre des Arts
23.09 – SAINT MALO – Festival baisers volés
24.09 – CAEN – Le Cargö
15.10 – TOULON – Festival Rade Side of the Moon
09.11 – ANGOULÊME – Festival Bisou
10.11 – PERPIGNAN – Le Mediator
18.11 – MASSY – Paul B

Lucie Antunes

Lucie Antunes is a classically & contemporary-trained drummer and percussionist, inspired by the pioneers of minimalism. She owns the unique ability to understand sounds in a way that a lot of people cannot and to prove it, she works with no musical objects with the desire to create new sound materials.

Lucie started her musical career in the footprints of classical music, in fact, she holds several conservatory and master’s awards at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Lyon and she is a winner of multiple scholarships around France. As for many artists, she found her inspiration in the notes and words of John Cage. And in 2013, the young artist turned to pop music and found herself propelled center stage alongside Moodoïd, Aquaserge, Yuksek, Susheela Raman. Since 2015 she has been creating electro-acoustic pieces, directing her shows in which she expresses all her multidisciplinary and versatile artistry through the use of contemporary forms of live performance in collaboration with choreographers, performers, and musicians. And the album SERGEÏ is not immune to the collaborative attitude of Lucie, in fact, a lot of artists have joined her in the project.