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Lucie Antunes gets remixed by Dopplereffekt and Candyfloss Mountain



French composer Lucie Antunes gets remixed by iconic duos Dopplereffekt and Candyfloss Mountain→ Stream

It’s Amazing is the latest EP from French composer Lucie Antunes following the release of her well-received second album Carnaval. Lucie breathes new life into her previous album opening dance track “It’s Amazing,” by offering two new reinterpretations on this EP. She has brought on board Detroit’s elusive and iconic IDM duo Dopplereffekt for a haunting and minimalist techno spin on the track, and vaporwave producer duo Candyfloss Mountain, for a highly contrasted sugary remix.

Dopplereffekt’s remix of “It’s Amazing” takes the dance record and morphs its playful ambiance into a synthetic conceptual soundscape. On the original track, Lucie craftily layers computer generated vocals into the production, while Dopplereffekt have stripped the robotic vocals to bare bones, reminiscent of Kraftwerk with their pulsating new wave FM synths.

Dopplereffekt is one of many projects involving Detroit’s Gerald Donald (of the legendary Afrofuturist electronic duo Drexciya). The group made its debut in 1995 with the iconic Fascist State EP, starting a prolific career in the IDM world, leading them to work with artists like DJ Hell or Aphex Twin, whose own label they’ve released music under.”

In a more hyperpop direction, the other remix of “It’s Amazing” is by animated producer duo Candyfloss Mountain, a collaboration from producers Jon Dix and Joe Quirke (JQ) born out of the pair’s shared love of high-energy video game music, vaporwave audio manipulation, academic sound design and anthemic sugary melodies.

The duo have not only preserved Lucie’s carnivalesque spirit on “It’s Amazing,” – they’ve ramped it up. Starting off the track with childlike pitched vocals, Candyfloss Mountain quickly descends the production into a glitchy donk playground full of synths and lasers.

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