Boogzbrown was born into a Creole family in Reunion Island in 1983, where grew up in a diverse musical environment, from the very popular to the traditional. He gravitated towards electronic music, which he combined with traditional Maloya rhythms – an approach of crossing ancestral and contemporary music, creolising it and obtaining new and unique forms. Known as part of the visual and street artist duo Kid Kreol & Boogie, Boogzbrown sees music as a continuation of his work in the visual arts. The duo has designed Labelle’s “Univers-île” artworks and directed “Benoite”‘s official. As a producer, Boogzbrown has partnered with Cubenx for the Antipode EP and was part of the 2020 compilation Music Activists. He is considered today as an actor of the emerging Electro-Maloya and Digital Kabar scene.