Mischa Blanos

With Romanian and Russian roots, Mischa Blanos composes, performs and physically transforms the piano, giving life to a new acoustic-electronic blend. He was trained in classical piano from the age of seven (winner of a long list of classical music prizes) and then self-trained as a composer and on-stage entertainer. He is all about one single instrument: the piano. He uses its sound in pure acoustic, mixed with morphed live sampling to create acoustic-electronic soundscapes of contemporary pieces. He is part of a new wave of the neoclassical piano musicians’ movement, composing music in which “piano is percussion”.

Blanos draws his music from a large bowl of influences. On stage, you may have the paradoxical sensation to listen to classical sounds while also having the feeling of listening to electronic music; as he loves experimenting and combining sounds and rhythms. He gives performances made of pianissimo and forte, calmness and frenzy – using his power of captivating people by sheer instinct whenever he is on stage.