Mischa Blanos

Mischa Blanos shares new single “Innervision”

A key piece of his new album, the driving “Innervision” evokes the memory of euphoric nights in the packed, dark, energetic clubs where Mischa Blanos performed as part of Amorf. Pulsating, polyrhythmic percussion and melancholic solo piano gradually rise together, joined by futuristic arpeggios that keep swelling, ultimately feeling more and more weightless. 

The track is accompanied in press by a remix by his Amorf-partner Cristi Cons, who carves out the dancing core of Mischa’s piece and surrounds it with warm, pulsating drums, a journey between Drexciyan electro and Detroit Techno. Both tracks could be the soundtrack to an unforgettable night on the dance floor – even if it were just inside your head. 

New album City Jungle out May 21

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