PANGAR are Kwalud and Betnwaar, DJs, producers and sweaty revelry organizers based in Reunion Island, also known as the Sauvage Sound System.

As PANGAR, the pair produce a percussive blend of electronic music with a creole super engine fuelled by a unique spin on Reunion Island’s musical heritage, bass music and a furious determination to make it dance all over the planisphere. In a constant clash of influences, they travel imaginary otherworlds, burning through urban sounds from both hemispheres.

Modern echoes of maloya – the ancient music of slaves in Reunion Island turned emblem for feisty new generations – meet jerky Soca grooves, ghosts of Dancehall, flashes of Club Music. Rythms collide, mutate and interweave in the shadows of a mysterious, uncharted island, and we never know wether they’re kissing of fighting.

Pangar’s experimental, polyrythmic music simultaneously heralds and refuses the end of our world. Their urgent, auditive poetry is echoed live by Fegré’s striking visual artwork.

EP “1” out September 18, 2020 on InFiné & Eumolpe.