Tour dates

24.05.24 – MARSEILLE – Oh! Les Beaux Jours
12-24/05/2025 • SAINT BRIEUC –  Bonjour Minuit & La Passerelle

Gaspar Claus

Gaspar Claus is a French cellist with purely musical academic background, who has developed a mastery of his instrument by working with musicians from different scenes: Alternative (Sufjan Stevens, Bryce Dessner/the National, Jim O’Rourke, Matt Elliott/Third Eye Foundation, Casper Clausen/Efterklang, Serge Teyssot Gay/Noir Désir…), World Music (Pedro Soler, Ines Bacan…), Experimental (Ryuichi Sakamoto, Keiji Haino…) Modern Classical (Vacarme), Chanson Francaise (Barbara Carlotti, Flavien Berger…) and Electronic. He runs the label Festival Permanent, which reflects his encounters, stage collaborations and search for genre-defying compositions.

With InFiné, Gaspar first performed with his father, Pedro Soler, during the InFiné workshops in Poitiers in 2008. The label went on to release two albums by the duo ‘Barlande in 2011 and ‘Al Viento’ in 2016. He has also been credited on albums by Rone (Tohu Bohu, Creatures, Mirapolis…) and more recently Arandel (InBach 1&2).

Gaspar has also written several film scores and documentaries with Vincent Moon or Colin Solal. “Makala” by Emmanuel Gras won the critics’ award at the Cannes Film Festival. More recently, InFiné has released “Adrienne” on June 4th, 2021 – a four track EP for the short film series “Hobbies” broadcasted on the French network Canal+.

His latest album Tancade, was called “nothing short of breathtaking” by Gold Flake Paint, “a collection of exceptional cinematic mood pieces, guided by a visionary cellist” by Bleep, and supported by BBC, BBC3, BBC6, Radio Eins, KEXP, and many more. His new record scaphandre will be released on InFiné and Les Disques du Festival Permanent.