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Gaspar Claus & Basile3 rework “2359” (Night Blossom version)

French cellist and composer Gaspar Claus returns to InFiné after his mesmerizing Tancade album with a new EP based on the album highlight “2359”

This new “Night Blossom” Version was born out of a desire to play the album standout in the live arena. When reimagining 2359 in the live context, he realized that a performance of the synthetic and chopped original version was nearly impossible due to its “tempo, artificial madness, and headlong rush.” Enlisting the help of live collaborator Basile3, 2359 was driven to reach its nocturnal peak. 

‘2359’ EP will be accompanied by a new video starring the French icon Denis Lavant, directed by Ilan Cohen, and will include 2 new tracks available soon.

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