Gaspar Claus

New video: “Une Foule” by Gaspar Claus

Gaspar Claus invites us to Tancade with “Une Foule”, the first single from his long-awaited solo album → Listen / Watch


In the hands of Gaspar Claus, the cello loses all its limits. Gaspar summons the listener to the imaginary beach of “Tancade”. On the shore one sees “a crowd”, a grouping of young people enjoying life. The rhythm of the cello is rumbling, pinching, like bare feet dancing on the sand. It is joined by a nostalgic, elegiac melody that paints the scene before our inner eye – the beach, the sea, the slowly dancing friends. Video directed & edited by Clara Claus.

New album ‘Tancade’ out September 10th, 2021

Following on from his previous soundtrack work and a wealth of collaborations (incl. Bryce Dessner, Sufjan Stevens, Jim O’Rourke), Claus brings forth a collection of pieces which free the cello from its own limitations. Majestic and adventurous, stormy and radiant, dreamy and rigorous, Tancade defies categorisation, evoking chamber music suspended in the fourth dimension, the soundtrack of an experimental film or the strange folk music of an undiscovered tribe.

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