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Gaspar Claus – Scaphandre 12″ out now

French cellist Gaspar Claus releases two pieces of total immersion into the abyss of experimental music and drone, as a mysterious B-Side of his album Tancade→ Listen/Buy

Archive pictures © Bibliothèque du Laboratoire Arago / Sorbonne Université

The two pieces Gaspar Claus brought together on Scaphandre form an abstract and mysterious B-side of Tancade, released in the fall of 2021. Both composed during the long, initial period of his first album’s conception, this mini album’s two episodes, each tinged with minimal and noisy abstractions, unfold more than 10 minutes of total immersion into the abyss of experimental music on the first, and drone for the second.

In their own way, these tracks are a form of raw, unadorned escape, a film negative of the cellist’s surface creations, which we know are bathed in sunshine and fresh air. ‘Inside’ is a moment of distraction while Gaspar worked on a film soundtrack. The title took time to mature in the musician’s head, abandoned then picked up again and modified until it found its signature progression of strings where time seems suspended. The reverberations dress its fourteen-minute sound canvas in a way that is reminiscent of endless, sub-marine darkness.

‘Beyond’ was recorded in three takes during a writing session for his first album with David Chalmin in the Basque Country. The post-production phase required a long process of refinement to obtain this invasive sound material that cuts the listener off from their real environment and films them
with a hypnotic feeling of depths and apnea. Taken in 1898 by Louis Boutan a few dozen kilometres from the beach of Tancade in Banyuls sur mer – Gaspar’s family village – the photographs of Scaphandre seal the vinyl sleeve with a unique auditory experience presenting the submerged side of the cellist. Obscure, dense, haunting, excitingly weightless.

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