Boogzbrown announces his first solo EP on InFiné with new track “Jookali”

After being part of Digital Kabar compilation and working with Cubenx on “Antipode”, “3883” is a stellar full EP debut on InFiné for the promising musical and visual artist

Boogzbrown is maybe neither a visual or a musical artist, he is both – his music is visual, his images musical. An allegory that soon becomes a definite state of mind as we dive into “3883”, Boogie’s – as he is also known as part of visual art outfit Kid Kreol & Boogie – first full EP for InFiné & Eumolpe. Growing up with his Creole family on La Reunion, he was exposed to a myriad of musical and cultural influences from a very young age. These forces are very apparent, even if sometimes surprising, on “3883“, and only become a congruent whole under the vision of a true artist – like colors that become a painting by the particular strokes of the brush. In Boogzbrowns case, it’s a testimony of the diverse culture and heritage of La Reunion, and an esoteric vision of a bright musical future.

“3883” is a code: a combination of numbers that repeat and respond to each other, about time itself and the way it takes on meaning when it marks a turning point” Boogie says.“The triangular base of 3, a mystical and spiritual figure, echoes the cycle and the infinite character of 8.”

The numbers “3883“can also tell us about polyrhythms, which are one of the EP’s musical running themes. On “Jookali “ the opening track, we have them thundering, shuffling, layered over another, but also alternating suddenly, making the track unpredictable and frenetic.

Boogzbrown’s style is hard to pin down as it often leads us on different paths, builds from one style to the other, sometimes transforms multiple times within a track and then breaks down on itself again. Between Juke, Maloya, dancehall and sometimes even Detroit Techno influences, the young artist has found an organic niche for himself – a whirlwind of styles with a warm, esoteric energy at its core.

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