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Lucie Antunes – Sergeï Deluxe Edition

Three years after its release, Lucie Antunes’ debut album ‘Sergeï’ becomes ‘Sergeï Deluxe Edition’ with a new and unreleased track “Jacob” → Listen / Buy

Three years after its release, Sergeï grows up tp become Sergeï Deluxe Edition – a record enriched with four tracks recorded live at the Chorus festival in 2022 including a new and unreleased track: Jacob.

If the Sergeï EP in 2019 had been conceived in studio with the complicity of Chassol, Vincent Segal, Halo Maud, Julien Gasc, with this crazy idea to make without computer nor artifact an instrumental and percussive music cut for the dance and the night, this new amplified version ‘Sergeï Deluxe Edition’ is the fruit of three years spent (interspersed with a little of pandemic) defending the disc on the scenes of the biggest festivals: Printemps de Bourges, Francofolies, Chorus festival, MaMa, Bars en Trans, etc. As an extension of the studio, the stage becomes for Lucie Antunes a space of freedom and immense experimentation, a bridge between two waters that allows the ever-growing audience to move from one physical state to another.

Lucie Antunes’ live performances are real physical performances whose objective is clearly expressed: to push people to a trance with great blows of her marimba, vibraphone and drums.
With this record, once again, Lucie breaks the boundaries, shakes up the genres and makes the dancefloor more beautiful, softer, bigger, smarter and more open too.
Beyond the simple reissue of a memory, Sergei Deluxe is a unique pulse that carries us far, long and makes us dance on the carpet of the living room as intensely as on the stage of a festival.
On stage, Sergeï comes to life thanks to Lucie Antunes (drums, marimba, vibraphone, percussion), Jean-Sylvain Le Gouic (from the band Juveniles) on moog, prophet, percussion and modulars and Franck Berthoux, a long-time accomplice who processes the sound in real time on stage.

09.07 – Days off festival – Philharmonie de Paris w/ collectif Scale + Léonie Pernet  

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