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Lucie Antunes announces new album ‘Carnaval’

Lucie Antunes announces new album ‘Carnaval’, to be discovered live on April, 13th at Centquatre-Paris Tickets

‘Carnaval’ is the result of three years of researches, loss and discoveries. Lucie drew her inspiration from the need to celebrate, the fear of death, the frantic search for freedom, & the pure joy and warmth of love.

On the record, tracks cut for dancing that celebrate a teeming electronic carnival. A very personal record that combines the instrumentarium of the percussionist with synthetic and electronic volutes. Lucie co-produced her album with Léonie Pernet, her sister of heart and label.
On stage, four performers whose talent is not limited to music: movement, performance, dance, percussion, singing, shouting, trance among drums, synthesizers, vibraphones and tubular bells. Their will is to abolish the distances, to free themselves from the roles to create frictions, pile-ups & encounters, to manufacture some human heat.
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