Lucie Antunes

Lucie Antunes – It’s Amazing!

Lucie Antunes unveils the opening track and the scenery from ‘Carnaval’, her new album coming April 14th on InFiné & CryBaby → Stream

Grab your whistle, drums, bells and feathers, there is an urgent need to fill the square. Tomorrow you will parade through our doors for the world to see. Tomorrow is ‘Carnaval’. Lucie Antunes‘ sparse electro track new album opener “It’s Amazing” kicks off the festivities. Robot voices repeat the titular phrase amidst extraterrestrial tubular bells reminding Laurie Anderson or Meredith Monk´s unconventional approaches. Antunes effortlessly crafts Pop immediacy of highest form and merges it with the inescapable groove of a vintage synth-bassline. And this is just the beginning, Lucie wants “to ring the Bell” even louder.

Carnaval is the result of three years of research, loss, and discovery. Lucie drew her inspiration from the need to celebrate, the fear of death, the frantic search for freedom, & the pure joy and warmth of love. The record is full of dance cuts that celebrate a teeming electronic carnival. It’s an incredibly personal record that combines the percussionist’s instrumentation with synthetic and electronic volutes. Lucie co-produced her album with Léonie Pernet, her sister of heart and label.

On stage, the four performers’ talent is not limited to just music, but movement, performance, dance, percussion, singing, shouting, drum trances, synthesizers, vibraphones, and tubular bells. Their will is to abolish distance and free themselves from emotional friction, and heat up the space between human encounters on the dance floor. 

Video directed by Aymeric Bergada du Cadet
Album cover: Marine Keller / Design: Uncle O.

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20/04 – Printemps de Bourges
23/08 – Rock en Seine