Secret of Elements

New video & remixes: Secret of Elements ‘Cassini’


Cécile Friedmann aka Chill Okubo and Secret of Elements guide us on a transcendental trip in the new video to “Cassini”

Seemingly unconnected everyday images become increasingly unfamiliar and eery when connected by the thread of Pätzold’s music. Further and further we travel outward, looking upon humanity’s place on earth as if we are onboard the “Cassini“, the titular space probe, connecting the mundane and the wonderful, humanity, nature and the wonder of life itself. 

Meanwhile, Cassini EP compiles new versions and remix of established artists of the European electronic scene and exciting newcomers take on the track. InFiné’s own Almeeva hands in two remixes, one dance floor focussed, one spaced out remix as Kabbel, while Denovali member SaffronKeira sends us on a sci-fi trip on his version. Newcomer Koyil from Russia “spins the source material out into a kosmische mission.” (from Inverted Audio).

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