sabrina bellaouel

Sabrina Bellaouel shares new video and remixes for ‘Jah’

A few months after the release of Al Hadr, Sabrina Bellaouel’s singular universe continues to unfold with the video for «Jah», accompanied by a remix EP → Stream

‘Jah’ is shot by director Lesly Lynch, in an atmosphere that is both twilight and synthetic, perfectly reflecting the track’s futuristic R&B sound. Blending a natural setting with a 3D universe, the clip illustrates the lyrics of this track, co-written with Bonnie Banane, in which Sabrina Bellaouel depicts a whirlwind romance, the first-person story of a woman whose inner peace is constantly disturbed by a man who tries to seduce her by offering her a ride in his car.

«I wanted to portray the opposing forces at work in Sabrina’s mind», explains the director, «On the one hand, an introspective state where she enjoys a form of plenitude. On the other, external disturbances that baffle her, materialized by the young man, the car and the dust. The omnipresence of water manifests her inner peace and balance. Its energy and turmoil take the form of dust, drafts and storms».

On ‘Jah’, as on most of the tracks on her debut album, Sabrina’s production is enriched by the arrangements of Basile3, also signed to InFiné. The sound is resolutely modern, in the tradition of avant-garde R&B in the style of Kelela, Erika De Casier, and Jessy Lanza—just as melodic as her peers, but more oriented towards the sub-genres of club culture and electronic music.So it’s only logical that the remix EP should feature two producers from the electronic sphere: VAMPI and Dorian Concept. The former offers a chopped-up, disconcerting reinterpretation of ‘Jah’, with apocalyptic kicks and distorted vocal samples reminiscent of the late SOPHIE. Dorian Concept, meanwhile, has produced a remix in two parts: the first rather faithful to the original structure of ‘Jah’, and the second in which he revisits Sabrina’s production in an exquisite dub version, exclusively instrumental.

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