‘We Don’t Need To Be Enemies’: Sabrina Bellaouel’s first release on InFiné

French-Algerian singer and producer Sabrina Bellaouel releases new electronic EP on InFiné

© Photo: Maxime Wolff
Artwork: Po Nwar

‘We Don’t Need To Be Enemies’ is wrestling music, where each composition addresses issues related to sex, gender, society or identity. Sabrina Bellaouel’s intentions are clear: with this new EP, the first on InFiné, she wants to embark on a distinct musical quest. That of an artist who wanted to free herself from certain elements: stereotypes, the sensuality of her song and the traditional couplet-chorus-couplet structure. “I’ve tried so much to test the water of the song that I wanted to go somewhere else, to take the time to create a trance, to give people the chance to dive into my tracks”.

The result is five tracks, mixed by Cubenx, in which this neo-thirty years old tries to sonically translate what is undoubtedly the essence of electronic music: the noise of cities, their atmosphere, “all these little atypical things, which don’t need words, just a feeling, but which influence so much the senses that we feel like we’re going out of our intimate zone”. Dance music that says more than it suggests and encourages the listener to abandon himself, inevitably drawn in by so many emotions, nuances and cinematic textures.

“For me, it’s easier to express my emotions through notes rather than through words that automatically lock the subject into a story. Removing the vocal part allowed me to go further musically, to compose a soundtrack rather than a simple EP”. If we feel that We Don’t Need To Enemies captures a moment of life and allows Sabrina Bellaouel to “rediscover herself through production”, this new EP also shows a distinct militant dimension, which brings the Frenchwoman closer to the most exciting factions of contemporary electro.

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