New video: Sabrina Bellaouel “Solar Return” by Jacqueline De Gorter

“Solar Return” is an intimate and powerful performance by Sabrina Bellaouel, taken from her critically acclaimed Libra EP on InFiné. The stripped back song featuring only the piano, Sabrina’s voice and a recorded telephone message, now gets an equally minimal and enticing video directed by Jaqueline De Gorter. As with all things Sabrina Bellaouel, there are hidden messages about spirituality and self to be discovered everywhere, both in the musical arrangements, the lyrics and visuals.

Directed by Jacqueline De Gorter
Produced by Allumette
Art director – Kellia

Next gigs:
05.09.21 – PARIS – Peacock Festival
19.09.21 –  NIORT – Nouvelle(s) Scène(s) Festival

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