Sabrina Bellaouel shares new single ‘Trust’

French-Algerian artist Sabrina Bellaouel shares the glorious new future R&B single ‘Trust’, announcing her highly anticipated debut album Al-Hadr, out 3rd March Stream

Photos: Tom Kleinberg

Inspired by one of her favorite film heroines: Jasmine, from Disney’s Aladdin, ‘Trust’ sees Sabrina’s soulful vocals and love of r&b flirt with elements of jersey club and hyper-pop as she muses on identity, heritage and her experiences in the white male-dominated music industry. Interspersed throughout with sunkissed guitar riffs and snippets of sugary vocal samples, it’s an effervescent bop that marks an evolution in sound and showcases her honed production skills. And while ‘Trust’ paves the way for Sabrina’s sensational forthcoming album, it’s merely a hint of what’s to come from the soul-baring record.

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