Sabrina Bellaouel

Sabrina Bellaouel announces new remixes EP with new video for ‘Period Point Blank’

Sabrina Bellaouel shares a new video for her captivating ‘Period Point Blank’ to celebrate the anniversary of her debut album ‘Al Hadr → Listen 

French-Algerian artist Sabrina Bellaouel celebrates the first anniversary of her debut album Al Hadr with a single backed by an official video marking the return of the ‘Amazigh Princess’ to the forefront of modern dancefloors. Period Point Blank: the story of a romance of fiery beats, disturbing eye contact and shooting stars, as much as the framework for global House anthem revisited on this EP by Bernardette and Karen Nyame.  

The edit version of “Period Point Blank” offers a dazzling fusion between the sensuality of R&B and the bodily energy of house, and the power of a monstrous, penetrating bass. For the official video directed by the French duet Augure Augure, Sabrina dons a wooden ‘Amazigh princess’ armor crafted by the Marseille based designer Amaury Darras , meticulously selecting her warrior artefacts against a backdrop of mystical caves and vast sandy expanses. 

Period Point Blank is a poetic and political statement. It’s a self-fictional film about a state of grace on the eve of a war that we can only assume will be bloody.

Against whom/what?
There are stories that are not told by the victors. A world of details selected by other voices with or without pity. The intuition of this Amazigh woman, timeless but reminiscent of the Diyah Queen of the Aurès, who, like Joan of Arc, was the cause of a great change. The impact of an individual story on collective history. Tomorrow, nothing will ever be the same.

10.05.24 – LYON – Nuits Sonores
27.06.24 – PARIS – Festival Days Off (Philharmonie de Paris)

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