Tour dates

11.08 – BUDAPEST – Sziget Festival
23.08 – PARIS – Rock en Seine
08.09 – CHERBOURG – Espace Culturel Buisson
16.09 – ÉVREUX – Live à Gisacum, Journées du Patrimoine
22.09 – BESANÇON – Détonation Festival
30.09 – LA ROCHELLE – El Capp Festival
05.10 – TOURCOING – Le Grand Mix
10.10 – BRIANÇON – Théâtre du Briançonnais
14.10 – ANGERS – Le Quai
28.10 – LYON – Jarring Fest
08.12 – AGEN – Le Florida
09.12 – CASTRES – Lo Bolegason
27.02.24 – PARIS – Le Centquatre 

Lucie Antunes

French composer Lucie Antunes is broadening her sonic horizons with second album “Carnaval”. Following the resounding critical success of 2019’s “Sergei”, the Perpignan-born, classically-trained drummer and percussionist releases an ebullient, electronically-oriented followup that is designed for the dancefloor.  Already lauded in France, Antunes unites the pop world with the avant-garde, with a crossover appeal that traverses genres and borders with ease. “Carnaval” also sees Léonie Pernet come on board as producer, who brings frisson to these eleven tracks whilst helping to augment the grooves. Using and manipulating the human voice for the first time, Antunes was inspired in part by the American composer Meredith Monk, to use her vox as percussive instrument, conveying meaning with nonverbal phrases and phonemes. “Carnaval” is more coquettish, curious and creative than anything she’s yet done, imbuing the listener with the cerebral mischief of Laurie Anderson on ‘It’s Amazing’—an opening track which more than fulfils its titular promise.