Toh Imago

Who is Toh Imago – the artist behind ‘Nord Noir’? We already knew him at InFiné, but let’s preserve a pure listening experience because now he is, and will be: Toh Imago. Inspired by Sorj Chalandon’s novel Le jour d’avant which describes the dark reality of miners in the North of France’s, Toh Imago dove into the deserted coal mines that surround him to create Nord Noir. A hypnotic album that draws a landscape inhabited by ghosts, where harmonic fumes swallow the rhythm of the machines. If you hop into the cart through the tunnels with Toh Imago, it might be a shaky ride. However, as Daniel Avery or Blawan, our new man demonstrates that techno, in the beautiful and modern sense of the term, often rises from the smoke and ash of the industrial world’s decay.

In electronic music, nostalgia is often used as cop out for creativity — dusty samples are used to convey a feeling of better times and connect in the simplest way with the everyday listener. Not here. Toh Imago conceived his new EP ‘Opalis FM’ (named after the radio station that soundtracked all of his backseat car trips on the Opal Coast) during the Covid-19 lockdown, but instead of going the easy route in face of dystopia, the new Toh Imago record is decidedly radiant.