Toh Imago

Toh Imago gets remixed by Shed, Sylvère, DJ Nobu and To Van Kao on a new EP

Toh Imago returns with a collection of remixes from his debut 2023 album ‘Refuge’ → Stream/Buy

Released in January 2023, Toh Imago’s second album Refuge allowed the French producer to forge a sonic aesthetic. He concocts a deep and singular techno at the border of concrete music—a hybrid of modern club music and experimental compositions. With this collection of remixes, Toh Imago portrays new shades to his album by inviting Shed, Sylvere, To Van Kao and DJ Nobu to revisit key tracks to breathe a forestial life into clubs and headphones worldwide.

Berlin DJ/producer Shed (Ostgut Ton, Soloaction Records) opens the doors of Berghain with a remix of ‘Monde Interieur’ in a pure and hypnotic techno spirit. Built on a cold, dystopian and precise mechanics, the vocoders of the tracks gradually let in a veil of cerebral and ascending sounds. This is music for the legs as much as for the brain. Sylvere (Monkeytown), a rising star of the French Club scene and a proponent of bringing bass and techno together, offers a deconstructed version of ‘Asile Sauvage’. After an introduction of Warpian layers, the producer releases his destructive breaks projecting a
ravy anthem where the vocal samples of the original play the role of incisive stabs.

In the hands of To Van Kao (Paradoxe Club), ‘Chiffchaff’ becomes an atmospheric and acidic experience carried by asymmetrical beats and a subtle play of breaks and repeats. This is the spatial and sensual parenthesis of this EP. In conclusion, DJ Nobu, experimental techno activist of the Japanese scene, now celebrated in clubs all over the world, delivers an ambient and celestial interpretation of ‘Cité Peupleraie’ a soft ending backed by a delicate sound design and other deliciously organic crackling noises.

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