Toh Imago

Toh Imago announces new album with first single ‘Monde Intérieur’

French producer Toh Imago announces the release of  his second album on InFiné, with first single “Monde intérieur” Listen

Photo: Marine Keller 
Artwork: David Normant / Motoplastic

A gem of headphone techno, Monde Interieur is a track that reengineers dystopian vocoder and drum patterns from Detroit electro and immerses them into an entrancing soundscape of aerial waves and reality-anchored field recordings. Toh Imago’s “Monde Intérieur”, the lead single from his forthcoming album Refuge, is out January 20th on InFiné. It is, in a sense, the title track of the album, in that it translates to “the inner word” and refers to the album’s global concept directly. Toh Imago found himself like many, stuck in a seemingly unending period of anxiety, seeking out mental refuge in music both as a listener and a creator. The “inner world” referenced in this first single, took shape in his imagination as a nostalgic, calming forest that brought him back to childhood in many ways. To pull this nostalgia out of the hypothetical and into the literal, he spliced in bits of childhood song.

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