Toh Imago

Toh Imago – New album Refuge out now!

After exploring underground sounds and mechanics deep in the mines of Pas-de-Calais, Toh Imago went to the Mormal forest in Northern France to create a new emulation of Techno, Bass Music, Detroit electro and IDM → Listen/Buy

Produced by Temple Caché

‘Asile Sauvage’ transports its listeners to a land of escapist, shamanic, and primitive techno, with heads raised to the mysterious sky and feet splashing in the translucent slush of decaying flora. As vocal samples chopped into spacey incantations echo off this mystical forest’s walls, a hallucinogenic bassline backed by a solid four-on-the-floor techno kick regenerates the body mechanics and reptilian drive within us all.

After spending his debut album exploring techno sounds and mechanics deep in the mines of Pas-de-Calais, Toh Imago looks up to the sky, an open breeze on his face, as tree branches and the canopy filter the sun’s rays on Refuge. With nature as the setting and studio accomplice, the album features escapades of synthesizers, field recordings, techno and jungle rhythms, coupled with the acoustic magic of the reverberations of the Mormal forest in Northern France. On the 11 tracks of the album, the inner world of the artist and nature converge between club music, Home electronic experiments and concrete music, in a singular auditory experience, both nomadic and very intimate.   

27.01 – Live @ Théâtre de Béthune (FR)


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