UTO shares new EP ‘2MOONS’ with Speedup Version

French duo UTO shares new versions of their previous single ‘2MOONS’ → Listen

Prepare to be captivated as UTO unveils their EP “2moons,” boasting a captivating blend of acoustic guitar, ethereal strings, and synths, all seamlessly woven with a laid-back beat. Central to this musical odyssey is the title track “2Moons,” a melodic marvel born from UTO’s distinct creative alchemy. Originally conceived by Emile and reimagined through Neysa’s lens, this introspective anthem delves into themes of self-discovery and intertwined identities.

Beyond mere melodies, “2Moons” serves as a narrative vessel, encapsulating a profound connection within its harmonious soundscape, a testament to UTO’s artistic synergy. Offering a kaleidoscope of sonic experiences, the EP boasts diverse renditions including the “2MOONS (Edit)” and “2MOONS (original).” Noteworthy is the entrancing “2MOONS (Tou Mou Version) Feat. Bilou,” blending indie pop and electronic hues with emotive undertones.

But the pièce de résistance is the daring “2MOONS (i.outlaws Speedup Version)”. This reimagining injects an energetic twist, promising to dazzle and enthrall listeners afresh.

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