O’o “Indigo” remixed by Holy Other

O’o gets remixed by electronic producer Holy Other Stream/Buy

On hazy electro pop duo O’o’s forthcoming single Indigo, the band challenges itself to play at both ends of the emotional spectrum. Their goal was to write a sugary, colorful dream pop-song that disguises the darkness they’re used to dealing with in luscious pleasant soundscapes. The track, which comes from their debut album Touche, paints a rich spectrum of moods with a gentle, evolving color wheel on this heavily saturated song. 

Central to the composition is Victoria Suter’s gentle vocal, which elevates the vibrant lyrics with a childlike sense of wonder. She describes the track as a “mood swing”, where different shades describe different moods. The deep, bruised blue of Indigo describes the meeting point of all of these colors, not quite green with envy or red with anger, but not quite a happy yellow either. With Mathieu’s gorgeous production flourishes, he paints a rainbow that is anchored by a singular, hypnotic pedal tone.    

On the flipside, Manchester electronic producer Holy Other‘s Indigo Remix merges the beauty and spectral sound of O’o’s composition with the ambient downtempo mastery of the Tri Angle records alumnus. From its onset, the track builds an expanding ambiance around Victoria’s vocals, which flicker and glitch like shooting stars in an ever-expanding night sky. When the remix reaches its midpoint, the evolving space welcomes a delicate and deft drum beat to compliment the fragile space introduced in the former half.

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