New video: UTO – Souvent Parfois

UTO release their new single ‘Souvent Parfois’ in a never-ending chase, shot by Marco Dos Santos → Watch

“Souvent Parfois” is the second extract of UTO’s upcoming album Touch The Lock, to be released August 26th on InFiné & Pain Surprises.

“It’s a song for my brother who lives on the other side of the world. It contains a convoluted thought where repetition becomes the means of expressing the inexpressible and ordering the chaos. It is the wasteland of the inner voice. Absence rings like an untimely bell”, tells Neysa.

“Souvent Parfois” is a ritornello of unspoken words, a whirlwind of thoughts that never stops. A nostalgic mantra, tirelessly repeated by Neysa’s hypnotic voice, which echoes with Emile’s. A way of expressing the deep and obsessive missing of a loved one, which we feel without being able to simply tell him that we miss him every day, “very late at night […], from the depths of the woods”.

Director and photographer Marco Dos Santos shot the video at their homeland in the countryside. The viewer witnesses an endless hunt in the woods, the pursuit of something or someone unattainable, personified by a mysterious prey that we guess is between the trees, without ever reaching it. Like love, the subject is always elusive, furtive and fleeting. One seeks, one runs, one loses oneself, one is mistaken, and the more one persists, the more difficult it becomes to find one’s way out of this loop…

30.04 – Live @ Le Sample – Bagnolet (FR)

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