Murcof / Twin Color

Murcof/Simon Geilfus present Twin Color live @ IRCAM (.Electro-Odyssée)

Thu 30 November 2023, + Fri 1 December 2023, 8 p.m. @ Ircam – Espace de projection → Infos & Tickets

Under the name Murcof, Fernando Corona has released a series of landmark albums, including MartesUtopia, and Cosmos.. minimalist, micro-polyphonic, soaring music. Now known as Twin Color, Murcof and visual artist Simon Geilfus fuse video and electronics, futuristic sound design and the nostalgia of pop electronics with analog synthesis.

Inserting video game codes into a contemplative world, Twin Color also offers viewers the chance to explore a virtual world, the same environment generating both music and video. A universe permeated by the ghosts of Caspar David Friedrich and the photographer and painter Beksinski.

Pierre Carré – IRCAM Computer music designer
Fernando Corona (aka Murcof)/Simon Geilfus – Twin Color – Premiere 2023