Introducing UTO with new single “This New Phase”

French duo UTO is back with a new single and a first album soon on InFiné x Pain Surprises → Listen to “This New Phase”

“This New Phase”, the latest track by French witchpop/trip hop duo UTO, is the sound of scouring your memory for the face of a loved one lost and dialing the phone just to hear their voicemail.

Percussion and Sprechstimme vocals as frantic as this fruitless pursuit are punctuated by crushing 808 hits and choral harmonies. UTO’s new single signals InFiné’s latest signature, out today in conjunction with Pain Surprises. We first premiered the duo at our 15 year anniversary party at 104 Paris, where their captivating live set pointed toward a new era for the band.

Comprised of musicians/producers Emile and Neysa, UTO met in 2013 in Ivry-sur-Seine on the outskirts of Paris. After a few years spent on other musical projects, the duo came together formally at the end of 2016, and began working on a handful of early tracks like ‘That Itch’ and ‘The Beast’. Now based in Augerville-la-Rivière, UTO’s sound is rich with beautiful paradoxes in sound, arrangement and style.  As seen in “This New Phase”, though grounded in reality, the band’s sound transports their listeners to the hyperreal, helping to unlock the deepest, most dormant and hard-to-reach emotions.

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