Cindy Pooch – New video for ‘Nyanga’ by Marco dos Santos

Cindy Pooch reveals new music video for ‘NYANGA’, taken from her debut album ‘In Nomine Corpus’ → Watch

Nyanga is about resisting the urge to please at all costs, about refusing to be impeccable, about the power of being and freedom.

This manifesto is carried by performers Marie-Ange Ladikpo and Hava Hudry, whose raw, embodied presence delivers this message of authenticity in a setting stripped of artifice.

With this music video, Cindy Pooch shows her idea of femininity and her rejection of society’s superficial standards of beauty. Nyanga means coquetry, caprice and show-off in Cameroonian. “Nyanga” is an incisive track that accompanies the release of her debut album, In Nomine Corpus, unveiled on September 29, 2023.

Live @ La Maroquinerie on 06.03