Bruce Brubaker

Bruce Brubaker releases new album ‘Eno Piano’

Bruce Brubaker releases new album ‘Eno Piano’, dedicated to Brian Eno’s music on InFiné → Stream / Order

Photo by Devin Doyle

‘As Brian Eno famously said, “The studio is a musical instrument,” Bruce Brubaker now says, “A musical instrument can be a studio.” On November 10, 2023, InFiné will release American musician Bruce Brubaker’s 12th studio album Eno Piano, including a selection of Brian Eno’s iconic ambient music, including Music for Airports. The intertwining of music and technology, and personal collaboration that were vital to the making of Eno Piano mirror Brian Eno’s lifetime of collaboration and musical community-making. These tracks are the music of Eno, with the significant contributions of Rhett Davies, Robert Wyatt, Dieter Moebius, Hans-Joachim Rodelius, Harold Budd, Jon Hopkins, and Leo Abrahams. Eno Piano isn’t just the title of an album. Brubaker says: “I played a Steinway piano in the recording sessions. But, through using electromagnetic bows and additional ways of making the piano vibrate, I wanted to make a new instrument, an ‘Eno piano.’” Sonically, the record is a combination of Bruce’s piano playing, and piano sounds made using new electromagnetic “bows” that vibrate strings inside the piano creating drone notes. Brubaker’s music-making reveals this repertoire to be an intense expression of humanity.’

Tour dates

07 + 08.10.23  – PARIS – Philharmoniedeparis (Eno Piano)
29.11.23 – PITTSBURGH (US) – Carnegie Mellon University (Eno piano) 
23.02.24 – NEW YORK CITY (US) – National Sawdust
05.04.24 – HAMBURG (DE) – KD Palme
07.04.24 – NANTES – Variations Festival