Basile3 reveals new single ‘4Friends’


Basile3 shares third single taken from upcoming album ’43°C’ → Stream / Pre-Order

Basile3’s ‘4Friends’ is merging electro pop with minimalistic flair, and exuding an energy that commands the dance floor. The track stands out with its lively percussion, engaging synth melodies, and robust bass, all contributing to its joyful and enticing atmosphere. A key feature is its enchanting voice sample, paired with a compelling beat, making it an irresistible call to dance. Basile3 aims to capture the spirit of friendship and celebration with ‘4Friends’, describing it as a vibrant club track that pushes musical boundaries. It’s more than a song; it’s an ode to the unforgettable moments of happiness shared on the dance floor, powered by its hopeful and uplifting energy.