Seb Martel

Seb Martel – New LP ‘Face Cachée’ out now!


Seb Martel reveals new LP ‘Face Cachée’, featuring Matthieu Chedid and Mathieu Boogaerts →Listen

InFiné label and the Music Museum of the Philharmonie de Paris are thrilled to announce the release of “Face Cachée” on May 24, a collaborative album by Seb Martel featuring Matthieu Chedid and Mathieu Boogaerts. Continuing the exploration started with Seb Martel’s “Saturn 63,” this album dives into a unique experience where legendary guitars capture sounds ranging from ambient to psychedelic rock.

The result of months of research within the Music Museum, “Face Cachée” recreates the energy of an historic jam session between the three artists, captured in a session lasting over four hours.

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