Rone shares new EP En(co)re


Rone unveils a four-tracks collection live recorded with the National Orchestra of Lyon conducted by Dirk Brossé → Listen

On En(co)re, Rone rounds out his grandiose playground with four unreleased seminal pieces from his peak-time club production bag, carefully extracted from his live performance with the Orchestre National de Lyon and fine-tuned into a totally fresh listening experience.
The first, Vood(oo) is a powerful and dramatic crescendo, with electronic synths battling percussion and brass instruments on the stage of a battlefield. This is followed by So So So, a racing track where Rone and the Orchestre de Lyon masterfully become fusional, blurring the line between electronic and classical. Next is Parade, a gently epic production supported by an enthralling melody that’s equally physical and spiritual. The veil between the public and the performance lifts for the final track, a grand reprise of Rone’s hit song Bye Bye Macadam bookmarked by the enthusiastic applause of the audience.

With En(co)re, Rone proves he still has something to say. On October 13th, Arte will diffuse the L(oo)ping film on television nationally, where audiences can finally experience the thrilling universe of Rone, as never seen before.

13 + 14.04.24 – LIÈGE (BE) – Salle Philharmonique w/ Orchestre Philharmonique Royal de Liège conducted by Dirk Brossé  sold out

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