Reissue: Arandel – In D (Limited Gold Edition)

It’s been 10 years since the first pressing was sold out: Arandel’s first masterpiece is finally back in stock in a brand new and very limited Vinyl edition with a fancy badge!

In 2010, electronic composer Arandel quietly released his first album In D on the then young InFiné label. At the time, the artist was strictly anonymous, put in the forefront it´s strict methodology of composition, and unleashed to the world what was destined to eventually break ground as a classic debut. The original pressing of that record sold out more than 10 years ago, and at long last is finding new life on gold limited-edition vinyl (including an enamel pin of the doodle that adorns the album cover). 

The record covers immense ground despite the strict “sonic dogma” put in place (every song in the key of D, and no samples allowed beyond what Arandel played himself). With these limitations aside, the record traverses a wide sonic map that covers classic, pristine Leftfield house, ambient experimentalism, and even mind-expanding psychedelia.   

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