Pre-order: O’o debut album ‘Touche’, out June 17th

Pre-order O’o debut album ‘Touche’, to be released June 17th, 2022 → Listen / Order LP/CD/Digital 

Spring is coming! Barcelona duo share the cover of their debut album ‘Touche’ following the release of their first single “Aquamarine”

An extinct Hawaiian bird, the O’o is now reborn as a musical duo founded in 2017. From Barcelona, Victoria Suter and Mathieu Daubigné conceive music as a hypnotic music as a hypnotic song: soaring sounds with organic textures on a layer of analogical synthesizers mixed with a voice sometimes natural and vulnerable, sometimes worked and distorted. This creative encounter is the reflection of a strong friendship and shared musical affinities.

O’o has shared the same musical references
since their adolescence: on their turntables often scrolled the same records, composed as well by traditional musicians as by electronic pioneers.
Spells” their first EP released in 2018, was played for the first time live at the Bala Perduda competition in Barcelona. Winner of this Primavera festival, O’o was able to embark on the production of their first album, ‘Touche’.

Artwork by George Suter / Design by Motoplastic

→ 24.06 Live @ FGO-Barbara – PARIS, FR
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