O’o releases remastered version of their first EP ‘Spells’

Following their first album Touche released last June, the O’o duo is back with the remastered version of their first EP “Spells” on InFiné. Stream / Order

On May 5th, O’o releases their EP Spells on InFiné, a unique collection of songs and textures that weave a playful universe, where O’o creates bewitching images and moods. Lyrical vibrations, prophet 8 enriched by human voices, echoes of dreamy ballads and nursery rhymes, embryos of anthems punctuated by tribal rhythms, darker accents, experimental passages … Each track brings its own narrative, supported by the subtle alliance of Mathieu Daubigné’s compositions and Victoria Suter’s delicate voice. A luminous electro-pop EP that reflects the eclectic universe of the duo, before the release of Touche – Deluxe Album this summer, including numerous surprises.

The first track evokes the origin of the duo’s name, as Moho is the scientific name of the now extinct o’o. It depicts the life of the last bird of its kind. The tragedy of its death and disappearance is underplayed by the glittering, polyphonic arrangement of the track. The bitter-sweet melody, the ghostly parade, the crescendo rises to power with some heartbreaking accents announcing the inevitable tragedy. The voice and the song of the bird persist, while the other sounds evoke the agony to come.

This EP, the result of long experimentation and sonic research, was first recorded in 2017 in Victoria’s living room in Barcelona, and performed for the first time live at the Bala Perduda competition in Barcelona, a performance acclaimed by the jury and well-received by the press, which opened the doors to the Primavera Sound festival. Remixed and remastered in 2022, these “homemade” tracks have benefitted from the studio and stage experience developed by the duo on their first album “Touche” (2022). These new versions give the EP ‘Spell’ a new sonic and harmonic dimension.

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