O’o “Touche” remixed by Coco Em and Eat My Butterfly

Reworked for outdoor escapades and dystopian dancefloors, and reduced to its most naked form, the eponymous track from O’o’ s first album remains an indispensable piece of organic floral music. Stream/Buy

Vocalist Victoria Suter’s playful and mischievous lyrics describe the delicate tango between an insect and a plant which attracts a male insect by emitting the scent of the female of the species to be pollinated. The male insect engages in a senseless pursuit, as he drains himself of energy in hopes of finding a mate. Like sirens on the shore, the flower calls out to the insect, leaving him stranded with nothing to show for himself. The lyrics and vocal performance are accompanied by a mischievous and subtle electro track from producer Mathieu Daubigné with fluttering synths, gentle piano notes, and a groovy and unconventionally danceable rhythm.

The Acapella version that opens the EP is a sensual gem with a wispy atmosphere and a lustful sadness. The hypnotized insect is trapped by the intoxicating and heady melody like a noxious perfume.

The young Reunionese producer Eat My Butterfly tropicalises the original track with a bestial and poetic mix of wandering bass and tribal percussion and transforms the mosquito’s nuptial dance into an enchanting trance.

Built for the darkest hours of the dancefloors, Nairobi’s newcomer Coco Em‘s remix on InFiné retains the melodic backbone of the original track, while projecting a fascinating dystopian veil of percussion and synthesizer layers.

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