O’o releases new cover ‘O Superman’ (Laurie Anderson)

O’o is pleased to present their latest offering, a cover of Laurie Anderson’s classic track and UK hit ‘O Superman’ → Listen

Admirers of Anderson’s work, the band replaces the quirky vocoder with Victoria Suter’s harmonic vocal virtuosity and subtle, yet masterful production from Mathieu Daubigné.

This is the band fully exposed, entirely vulnerable, and at their absolute best. The result is something that represents a through line present in all of O’o’s music; coating a deep, intense emotional performance and subject matter in a sugary pop track.

This concept is visible all the way to the band’s name. Selected at random out of a list of English words because it looked like a pair of eyeglasses, the name refers to a type of now- extinct songbird. The band settled on the name, as they envisioned the last O’o of it’s kind, singing into the void longingly for it’s partner that will never come. As evident in their version of this Anderson hit as well, the name references the duality of this type of simultaneously beautiful, yet heartbreaking performance.

Live @FGO-Barbara on June 24th Tickets


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