O’o release ‘Touche Deluxe version’ with exclusive tracks

A year after its release on InFiné, Touche, the critically acclaimed debut album by experimental pop duo O’o receives a deluxe reissue with exclusive tracks and riso prints → Listen / Order

Touche inhabits the sonic hinterland where great pop meets the avant garde, with harmonious melodies and found sounds adorned with synthesizers. Touche is a subtle and nuanced album, intelligent but never archaic, and emotional but never melodramatic. It is innovative experimental pop that warms the heart and nourishes the mind. Victoria Suter’s moving yet humorous writing tells stories that say something about ourselves. Mathieu Daubigné mixes, manipulates, and sublimates sounds, samples, and voices, crafting unique sonic experiences. In addition to the 11 tracks on the original album, the Deluxe version comes with 4 new tracks in digital format, including a number of previously unreleased tracks.

• A reinterpretation of Daniel Balavoine’s 1985 hit «Tous les cris les SOS». Tackling the dramatic, cinematic, and imagery of French culture proved to be a relatively low-risk endeavor for the duo. They wanted to preserve the soul of the song without betraying it, using the same codes, but at the same time injecting their own style. In order to do this, while making it their own, the band slowed the song a bit, brought out a slightly darker side, and accentuated the sound of the sea breaking on shores and other details.

• The alternative version of «Lost» abandons the original’s layers of crystalline harmonies to showcase Victoria’s inimitable voice and Mathieu’s sparkling guitar arrangements in a stripped-down rendition worthy of the indie folk greats.

• The highly personal cover of Laurie Anderson’s «O Superman», where the duo replaces the original’s saxophone with a harmonizer. The track explores the conflicting emotions of the lyrics somewhere between vulnerability and power, and helps us understand the essence of their music.

• An acapella version of «Touche», the album’s star track, concludes the reissue with amazing vocal harmonies, a delicate and gentle way to bring this reissue to a close.”

Artwork by George Suter / Design by Motoplastic

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