Bottler x Dylan Goodsell “Weekend” Video

Our new duo from Brooklyn release “Weekend”, directed and animated by New York-based artist Dylan Goodsell

A grimy blend of lo-fi cyberpunk and cosmic horror aesthetics, “Weekend” tells the tale of a small-town cult and their on-air figurehead as they open a rift to another realm. Taking influence from old-school horror – namely the works of directors like John Carpenter and David Lynch – Weekend drew inspiration from the often surreal nature of public-access television production, as well as the idea of someone using their platform to perpetuate fear.

Bottleris the electronic duo of Pat Butler and Phil Shore. As lifelong friends, their creative bond is one forged in a partnership of musical exploration. Their continuous discovery of electronic, indie rock, and classical converges as Bottler. Sonically, the duo represents a new step toward musical freedom. They’re inspired to pursue every idea and dance across the thinly constructed boundaries of aesthetic. Free of a preoccupation with genre or form, they blend indie dance and electro pop with acoustic, digital, and analog instrumentation.

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