New video: O’o x Temple Caché “Touche”

O’o joins forces with Temple Caché for a colorful music video filled with floral and animal eroticism, bright electronic pop and figurative lyricism → Watch

Produced by a collective of directors, illustrators, animators, and collage artists, the official video for the eponymous track from O’o’s album “Touche” blurs the lines between artistic disciplines, sensation and sensuality.

Lyrically, vocalist Victoria Suter draws the olfactory and tactile features of a botanical femme. With his pastoral melodies and dreamy ritornellos, Mathieu Daubigné bathes the listener in a sea of escapist synthesizer sounds. Temple Caché portrays a life in motion where animal, floral, and human boundaries dissipate, bombarding the listener’s retinas with protean psychedelic colors and hypnotic animation effects. “Touche” is a total experience that mobilizes our five senses and a musical affair of organic libertinism.

The team of Temple Caché was partially inspired by the Dada movement and questioning of aesthetic and ideological conventions. Mixing collage, drawing and colored paintings, the clip relies on modern compositing animation and 3D camera techniques. The agency involves a rich cast of experts in many disciplines. Their objective is to illustrate the complexity of and fascination for the floral and the animal, and their relation to the pleasure, bewitchment and eroticism that nature inspires.

Clara Liu’s minimalist, colorful, and poetic design aesthetic and Chloé Guillemet and Thibaut Leroy surrealist erotic collages contribute to a sensitive mix in perfect harmony with the universe of the piece. Plastic sculpture from Kelzang Ravach and coheses melodiously within the art direction of Marion Castéra.

About the directors:
Temple Caché creates unexpected and offbeat visuals that have seduced great international artists like Jeff Buckley, Jorja Smith and French artists like Thérapie Taxi, Gaël Faye, Jean-Louis Murat, among others.

The agency also creates custom visual universes for major luxury houses and brands with strong identities such as Hermès, Audemars Piguet, Lacoste or Dior, as well as major advertising agencies such as Publicis, Mazarine and Ogilvy.