Labelle – New video ‘L’homme félin’ by KidKreol & Boogie


Reunion-based producer Labelle releases the music video for ‘L’homme félin’, following his new album ‘NOIR ANIMA’ → Watch

L’Homme Félin is about a dream that has become a vision. That of a black feline, which emerges like a mirror of the self, and which we decide to approach, embody and cross. Choreographer Didier Boutiana has created and performed a series of movements developing the stages of this encounter, from its appearance in the depths of oneself, to its resurgence in a trance-turned-dance, which at the climax of its incarnation ends in its fading away. Kid Kreol & Boogie have captured and edited these movements with their own iconography to create the video for the track.

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