Leonie Pernet

New video : Leonie Pernet ‘Mon Amour Tu Bois Trop’ directed by Nathalie Masduraud & Valérie Urrea

Taken from Leonie Pernet’s album ‘Le Cirque de Consolation’ out November 2021 on InFiné Listen / Watch  

Join Leonie Pernet and her funeral band in ‘Mon amour tu bois trop’ for a moment of pure consolation, always between joy and sadness

Video by Nathalie Masduraud and Valerie Urrea – the directors of the Arte series ‘H24’ about violence against women, for which Léonie Pernet composed the music.

Mon amour” tales a resurrection. A funeral band, led by Léonie Pernet, commemorates both her death and her rebirth. Between daydream and illusion, how to know if this band is not simply the din that agitates the soul of this character ?
On her way, the spectators are like so many encounters, emerging from the present and the past. Strangers, relatives and intimates who greet her from afar, with a sign of recognition or a barely sketched kiss. The funeral band crosses the street as love sometimes crosses our lives, leaving behind the memory of happiness and the pain of its loss.

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